FR Skates FR2 310 Black 2022 Freeskates

by: FR

The FR Skates FR2 310 is the perfect skate for Freeride. Thanks to the integrated plates, you will gain in stability and precision. The FR2 is a great skate to improve your skills in all skating styles.

Perfect for Urban, Freeskating, and City Skating

    • Shell: Plastic Shell, 4 Position Plastic Cuff, 7-hole frame mounting plate
    • Closures: Buckle Top Lock Strap, Middle Adjustable Strap, and Laces
    • Liners: Removable with removable shock absorbers
    • Frame: FR R2 3×110 246mm aluminum
    • Frame Mount: 165mm/180mm/195mm
    • Wheels: FR Downtown White 110mm/85A
    • Bearings: Twincam MW7
    • Brake: Not Included
    • Designed and assembled in France
    • Sizes: 36-47 EU


Based on our experience, all of the FR skates are wider than average and running true to the shoe size. These are the skates that work the best for people with wider feet.

Please note: your shoe size is the defining factor! Almost never, the size of the inline skates will be smaller than your shoe size. If your foot is very wide, please go one size

up than your shoe size. 


If you want to use the foot length information to narrow the sizing down, the best way is to get that information from your running/sports shoes sizing label. Almost always they will have one of the following: MP/MONDO/CM – length in centimeters or MM – length in millimeters.

  • The US shoe sizes mentioned in the sizing table are US men.

*** The majority of the FR shells can accommodate 2 liner sizes, so keep that in mind when selecting your skates size. In many cases, you would be able to go one size bigger or smaller just by switching the liner size! FR Shell/Liner Sizes: 34, 35-36-37, 38-39, 40, 41-42, 43-44, 45-46-47.

Name :                        FR2 310 BLACK

Reference :                 FRSK-FR2310-BK

Sizes :                          34-47

Shells :
Size 34 : 2

Sizes 35-37 : 4

Sizes 38-39 : 6

Size 40 : 7

Sizes 41-42 : 8

Sizes 43-44 : 10

Sizes 45-47 : 12

With 7 holes energy plates

Cuffs :
Sizes 34-37 : S
Sizes 38-42 : M
Sizes 43-47 : L

Safety top buckles
Sizes 34-27 : 180mm
Sizes 38-42 : 200mm
Sizes 43-47 : 220mm

Cuffs mounting :         Cuff buttons adjustable in 4 positions

Straps :                        Wider Ratchet buckles and Single Arm

Sizes 34-37 : M

Sizes 38-42 : L

Sizes 43-47 : XL

Liners :                        Removable

Insoles :                      FR insoles

Frames :                     R2 frames 246mm (3x110)

Wheels :                      Downtown Wheels Size 110mm/85A

Bearings :                    FR TWINCAM MW7 TITALIUM FREERIDE

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