FR FR1 80 Complete Skates - Black (2020 Model) - Super Sale

by: FR

The FR1 80 - 2020 Model - On Sale (for a limited time) 
- the only difference between this and newer release is the mid-strap

The FR1 80 is the legendary freeride skate that will bring you everywhere with comfort and precision. The FR1 was created with comfort, speed, and precision in mind and is the perfect skate for learning new skills, or to perfect your best freeride moves. 

Color: Red, Black, White, Light Blue
Options: FR custom color kits
Frames: 4D 243mm Black Frames
Wheels: Street Invaders II, 80mm/84A
Bearings: FR Twincam MW9 Titalium Freeride
Liners: Removable and changeable
Insole: Premium Insoles
Great for: Freeride, City Skating, Freestyle

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