FR Carbon Inline Skate Frames 243 (4x80mm) Flat - Sale

by: FR

The FR Carbon Inline Skate Frames 243 Flat are one of the best upgrades available for skaters that want a highly responsive 4x80mm frame setup, that is as lightweight as possible. Made of carbon fiber, these frames have a terrific balance of stiffness and flex to ensure quality stride potential while maintaining excellent power transfer. Great for urban skaters that need to reduce weight on their setups and don't want to sacrifice performance. Features aluminum plate reinforced mounting points to ensure proper mounting.

  • Price is for a Pair of Frames
  • Type: Urban
  • Mount: 2pt 150, 165 and 180mm
  • Parts Included:
    • Skate Tool
    • Single Sided 8mm Axles (6)
    • Floating Spacers (6)

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