FAMUS WHEELS - Set of 4 - QUAD 56/29MM/92A - GOLD/ WHITE Metal Core 56mm Rollerskate Wheels - Sale

by: Famus

Sold in a 4 pack: ABEC 9 bearings and spacers included. (preinstalled) 

Famus Wheels Quad 56/29mm - 92A with aluminum hub will include spacer and bearings
Part Number: Famuswheels Quad 56/29mm - 92A

Feature: Famus wheels Quad 56/29mm - 97A

Famus company is introducing the
aluminum core for aggressive wheels
The Famus Wheels is very light 
and will respond better and faster
than any other aggressive wheels 
The Famus wheels Quad   56/29mm - 92A
is available in many colors

All Famus wheels will come with 
Spacer and Bearings included

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