Bones Super Swiss 6-Ball Bearings - Sale

by: Bones

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Competition Skate Bearings: These are some of the best skate bearings that you will ever own. Get more speed and roll smoother with Bones Super Swiss 6 Balls


  • 6 Bigger Bearing Balls - Stronger and Faster than 7 ball bearings
  • Engineered for skating, no ABEC rating
  • Removeable high speed nylon ball cage
  • Removeable Non-Contact, Frictionless Rubber Shields
  • The standard by which all skate bearings are measured
  • Lubricated with Speed Cream
  • "Strong, Fast, Long Lasting and Easy to Clean!"

Sold in a set of 8 (For 4 wheels)

*Authentic Bones Bearings straight from the Bones distribution center. Beware of fakes! 

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