Thuro Inline: 2015 Boston Street Battle X

Get Ready!

The 2015 Boston Street Battle is coming up real soon, and this one's going to be a doozy! The 10th annual Boston Street Battle: BSBX: the reckoning - Saturday & Sunday, November 14th & 15th, kicking off at 11AM at ThuroShop (362 Boylston St., Brookline, MA).

(Some footage from BSB #7)

SKATE EDIT COMPETITION - Filming Day: Saturday November 14th - $ PRIZE

    • REGISTER for BSB ONLINE by Friday the 13th!
    • GO FILM your best skating around New England.
    • UPLOAD an edit to YouTube by midnight (12:00AM Sunday morning) with a title starting with Thuro BSBX: ... Once up, email the link to
    • SIT BACK, RELAX, & (hopefully) WIN!

    All videos must be shot Saturday the 14th (you think you're crafty don't you - we'll know). Viewing will be held the following Sunday morning at 10:00AM, winners will be announced after the viewing and shall be festooned with their relevant winnings!

    BOSTON STREET BATTLE X - The Reckoning: Sunday November 15th - $$$ PRIZE

    Winners will be announced after the final spot, following careful deliberation by our crack team of inline science research judgeologists. MONEY and SWAG will get gotten by the best of the best!


    • Must pre-register online by Friday the 13th for the $30 reduced-rate entry fee.
    • Day-of registration will be $40 (don't be lazy, just pre-register already).
    • Registration covers the Video Competition and the Street Battle. Pay once, enter twice (so nice!) -- no excuse not to do both.
    • Must have a waiver to enter, signed by you or your legal guardian (if under 18).
    • Sun, rain, sleet, snow... zombie apocalypse... we're doing this thing (I will be skating, and I am prepared to shovel if you are prepared to skate).
    • Check out awesome deals on inline and other gear here at the Thuro compound before or after the comp!

    Stay tuned to and for the latest news and updates.

    See you there!

    -Andy Leitermann: Thuro Chief Science Officer

    Andy Leitermann
    Andy Leitermann