Thuro Rollerblading: Razors Skates SL Red and Remz Josiah Blee Pro Model Now in Stock

The highly anticipated Razors SL Red and Remz Josiah Blee Pro Model are now in stock at Thuro Shop!

The Razors SL Red complete skates feature an awesome new red color boot, replaceable soul frame with baseless design, GC featherlite 3 frames, 64mm wheel compatibility, SL gel heel pad, Razors liner with reformed tongue and ankle support, and Black GC 57mm/90a Wheels.

The Remz Josiah Blee Pro Model feature the new Remz liner ft: 12mm PU shock absorbing, True-Balance Remz boot, Remz Josiah Blee 57mm/90a wheels, GC Featherlite 3 frames, Remz one piece soul plate, and 42mm anti-rocker wheels.


In addition to having these two amazing skates, all Razors skates will be fully stocked. Available for order today at!

Christie Tran
Christie Tran