Thuro Rollerskating: Moxi Roller Skates Now Available!

Moxi Roller Skates by Riedell are now available at Thuro Shop!

Moxi Roller Skates come in all different fashionable colors to choose from. Traditionally roller skates used to come in only 2 colors, black for the boys and white for the ladies. The founder of Moxi Skates, Michelle Steilen aka Estro Jen, thought that skates should be fun and come in fun colors.

Inside every box of Moxi roller skates is a quote from Michelle Steilen's mother: "Be passionate about what it is that you are doing and happiness will always fall at your feet." The motherly advice proved prophetic for Steilen, the founder of a brand of skates sturdy enough to glide down the X Games' 62-foot-tall "mega ramp"

Rollerskating is a fun and simple way to get in shape, it can be done outside on the streets or boardwalk, at the skate park, or at an indoor rink!  With Moxi roller skates you too can have tons of fun on wheels and still be fashionable!

Christie Tran
Christie Tran