Seba Marathon 325 Complete Skates Black Wheels - Super Sale

by: Seba

Seba Marathon 325 Complete Skates

2023 SEBA Collection 

Seba Marathon 325 Skates The Seba Marathon 325 Skates is the Newest Speed skate from Seba This is a very exiting time for Seba Skaters Carbon Fiber shell and fiber Cuff with 195 sp Micrometric Buckles X2 + Toe Strap Marathon Aluminum Frame 3x125mm 10.5" Seba Speed wheels 125mm/85A Twincam ILQ9 pro bearings Best for Grand Tourism, Speed and Enduro


Features Seba Marathon 325 Skate: The New 2021 Seba Marathon 325 skates is the first Fitness and inline speed skate from the Seba collection.

The Seba Marathon 325 features: Micrometric Buckles, Laces and 2 power straps Aluminum frame 3x125 10.5 " Seba speed wheels 125mm x 85A Twincam ILQ9 pro bearings

NO brake included but there are a few aftermarket brakes that will fit this set up. This is the stock FR Brake Kit that will fit this skate

Best used for: Speed skating, Marathon, Fitness and City skating.


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