Powerslide Arise SL Black Complete Inline Skates

by: Powerslide

Powerslide Arise SL urban freeskate - Super light ´´SL´´ and agile, Super light, super-fast, and super agile, it’s the pinnacle of inline freeskating performance: the POWERSLIDE Arise SL. SL stands for “super light” and our designers took the title to heart, delivering the pinnacle of freeskating performance. Engineered for unmatched agility, control, and speed, the POWERSLIDE Arise SL gives you the speed of a race skate and the extreme control needed for inline skate cross and slalom skating. The shell of this high-performance urban freeskate is made of light, rigid Japanese carbon that helps improve agility and power transfer. The boot fits snugly on the foot and gives you perfect side and heel support, while still providing the perfect amount of flex for you to perform your very best. The sophisticated closure system locks your foot in place, but it also allows you to remove the velcro power strap to further reduce weight. The POWERSLIDE Arise SL includes the famous TRINITY 3-point mounting system. This innovative mounting system gives you superior power transfer and a low stance that facilitates switching from edge to edge while reducing vibrations. This delays muscle fatigue so you can skate longer at full power. The light, rigid Ego SL frame gives you excellent control even at high speeds which will happen often thanks to the fast and grippy UNDERCOVER Raw Ultra High Rebound (UHR) wheels and high-precision WICKED ABEC 9 bearings. Whether you’re into slalom skating, skate cross, or practicing long slides and quick turns, the POWERSLIDE Arise SL is the advanced urban freeskate is the one you’ve been looking for.

- Boot Overview: Hybrid carbon boot; hand lasted; TRINITY 3-point mounting; built in liner with microfiber & mesh lining; MYFIT shell with 110°C
- Frame Overview: Powerslide Ego SL; 6061 aircraft aluminum; TRINITY 3-point mounting; 9.6´´ (243mm); 3x110mm
- Wheel Overview: Undercover Raw Red; 110mm / 85A; UHR = Ultra High Rebound
- Bearing Overview: Wicked; ABEC 9; chrome steel

- Boot Type: Hybrid carbon, hand lasted
- Shell / Outsole Material: Japanese carbon composite
- Cuff Material: Glass-Fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) - GFK
- Heat Moldability: MYFIT shell with 110°C
- Material Upper / Liner: Polyurethane (PU) nano-leather, nylon mesh
- Top Closure: Micro Adjustable Crown Ratchet Buckle
- 45° Closure / Front Foot Closure: Micro adjustable Crown ratchet buckle / Standard lacing
- Liner: Built in liner with microfiber & mesh lining
- Liner Top Closure: Lacing
- Ventilation: Medium
- Inline Skate Height in CM: 28,5cm
- Frame Name: Ego SL
- Frame Material: 6061 aircraft aluminum
- Frame Mounting Standard: TRINITY 3-point mounting
- Max. Wheel Size: 110mm
- Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM): 9.6´´ (243mm)
- Frame Axles: Single Axle, AL 7075, 8mm, Torx T25 + steel rocker double axle 8mm, Torx T25
- Adjustable Side to Side: Yes, TRINITY shell, 4mm
- Adjustable Front to Back: Yes, TRINITY X shell, 8mm
- Frame Manufacturing Process: Extruded and CNC machining
- Wheel Name: Undercover Raw Red
- Wheel Diameter: 110mm
- Wheel Hardness: 85A
- Wheel Compound: UHR = Ultra High Rebound
- Wheel Bearing Standard: 6001 Standard
- Wheel Spacer: AL floating (UFO) spacer, 8mm
- Wheel Width: 24mm
- Bearing Brand: WCD Wicked
- Bearing Rating: ABEC 9
- Bearing Standard: 608 Standard
- Bearing Material: Chrome steel
- Bearing Shield: RZ, single sided rubber coated steel shield
- Bearing Lubrication: Kyodo Grease
- Weight: 1240g (size 41)
- Included Accessories: 4 pcs. of screws and anti rivets for 45° buckle, tool - T25 Torx
- Brake Compatibility: 908058-29255
- Wheel Manufacturing Process: Cast
- Wheel Setup: 3x110mm

- Best mounting system on the market for inline skates with 3 mounting points
- Trinity is our patented 3-point mounting system, it’s the cutting edge of modern inline skate technology. Trinity features dual front mounting points to create a deep grooved channel for the wheels allowing them to sit as close to the foot as possible, dramatically lowering the center of gravity. This triangulated mount creates a solid platform and increases energy transfer efficiency. Trinity works perfectly for 3-wheel setups but also provides outstanding advantages to 4-wheel skates:

- Better power transfer: thanks to the power triangle formed by the 3 mounting points.
- Stronger: because the forces are spread over 3 mounting points.
- More control: due to the strong 3-point connection between the boot and the frame and the wide distance between the 2 front mounting points.
- Easier skating: the power triangle also helps with your weight transfer and balance.
- Lower center of gravity: this means more control, stability and safer skating.
- X-Slot mounting to customize the frame position under your boots
- Fatigue Control: Trinity not only boosts your performance but also absorbs 30% more vibration and eases the roll over cracks and rough surfaces making every moment on your wheels as effortless and enjoyable as possible.

Extruded & Cnc Machined:
- High-end manufacturing process for frames
- Extruded aluminum and CNC-machined to perfection to deliver superior power transfer, durability and stability: Our CNC-frames offer unmatchable performance, setting a new standard of quality in the inline industry.

Ultra High Rebound:
- Ultra high end wheel polyurethane
- The all-new UHR PU-formula is going to change your skating performance. This PU has been under development for many years and has an incredibly low rolling resistance and comfortable ride. UHR offers a higher speed than a regular SHR wheel as well as a better grip. The UHR PU-formula is used in various types of wheels including speed skating wheels, aggressive, urban as well as roller skate wheels.

Carbon Fiber:
- Super light and stiff material
- Carbon fiber is well-known for being light and stiff. It has better physio-mechanical properties than most other materials and allowed us to orient the direction of fiber to create the perfect fit without losing stiffness. This is the most commonly used material for all high-end skates.

New for 2022 is the Powerslide Arise SL Black skates, designed with speed slalom in mind but very functional for endurance, marathons and city skating. 

What shall arise from this new skate? First, let's look at the specs:

1. Hybrid carbon hand-lasted boot
2. 6061 extruded aluminium 243mm frame, CNC machined
3. Trinity mount
4. Undercover 110mm 85a

The boot is lightweight and responsive, offering high-level precision. The hybrid soft boot creates a "performance" fit, with the mid-cut height evoking feelings of high-end carbon racing skates. The benefit of this boot for speed slalom is that it gives you the same lateral support as other boots whilst having less volume. These benefits could provide users with a competitive edge over their opponents. The glass fibre cuff is small but effective, and it can be used without it, depending on users' preference of flexibility. 

Although well marketed, any meaningful description of the skate should not omit the benefits of a TRINITY mounted frame. The intelligent design allows a large wheel to be used whilst keeping the centre of gravity low, making it easy to maintain higher speeds and momentum without compromising stability. The three-point frame attachment reduces road vibrations creating less stress on the feet. Comfortable feet allows users to be on their skates for a longer duration.

Attached to the frame is undercover 110mm 85a redraw wheels. Undercover uses the best urethane on planet Earth and excel in performance wheels. The balance of grip, speed and UHR rebound is unlike any other. Undercover wheels can assist in all aspects of skating, particularly with control at high speeds. 

This skate fits compact. For a performance fit, you should be able to purchase your regular shoe size. For a slightly more comfortable fit, we recommend going 0.5 - 1 size up. When putting the skates on, it can be challenging to get your ankle past the cuff area. Once your foot has passed the cuff area, the boot opens up and gives the ankle and heel all the room it needs. 

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