Rollerblade Wheels with SG9 Bearings 90mm 84A 8 pack

by: Rollerblade

Rollerblade 90mm Wheels and SG9 Bearings. Rollerblade wheels are easy to replace when they come in an 8pk already assembled with bearings and spacers. This setup is 90mm 84A, making them durable and firm for outdoor inline skating. SG9 bearings are good quality sealed bearings. A great value that makes it easy for the blader that aims to be skating more than working on their skates.

  • Price is for an 8-Pack of Wheels, 16 Bearings and 8 Spacers
  • Size: 84mm
  • Type: Recreational / Cross-Training
  • Bearings: SG9 (Sealed - Not Serviceable)
  • Hardness: 84A 90mm 84A Wheels with SG9 Bearings
  • Graphic May Vary Due to Running Change

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