Rollerblade 90mm Wheel Kit

by: Rollerblade

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This Rollerblade 90mm Wheel Kit comes with everything you need to replace your worn out inline skate wheels or upgrade your skates to larger, more stable 90mm wheels. Compatible with all skate frames that fit 90mm wheels, these wheels blend acceleration and top-speed stability, making them a perfect pick for fitness skaters of all ability levels. Add in the smooth ride, backed the included SG9 bearings and spacers, and your skates will be feeling better than ever as soon as you finish bolting these on.

  • 90mm wheels offer a balance of high-speed stability and easy acceleration
  • Larger size smooths out rough terrain for a more comfortable ride
  • Includes SG9 Bearings and Spacers for easy installation and fast-rolling performance
  • 84a durometer rating gives a good balance of traction and durability
  • Includes eight (8) wheels

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