Rollerblade Twister Edge Women's Skates 2020 - Size 6.5 / EU 37 Only - Super SALE

by: Rollerblade

Molded boots, anatomical fit and a sole designed with an Anti Torsion Box increase the control. Aluminum plates and lateral sliders are built-in with torsional 243mm frame rigidity, adding power transfer and control. 80mm Supreme wheels paired with ILQ-7 Plus bearings provide excellent grip and speed. A v-shape liner provides ventilation, extra cushion and shock-absorbing padding in the heel. The secure closure system includes micro-buckles and lacing; brake is included. Twister Edge is a compelling combination of fit, support and maneuverability for every urban skater.

Rollerblade Twister Edge W Rollerblades Women's Features:
  • HIGHLY-VERSATILE MOLDED SHELL - Created for urban, fitness, commute and recreation
  • ENHANCED WRAPPING - Molded support with a V-cut cuff for added flexibility with slalom skating
  • FIRST FIT HIGH-PERFORMANCE LINER - Shaped ankle heel lock padding, First Fit tongue and instep wrap, heel shock absorber, cuff buckle, micro-adjustable buckles and lace closure system
  • MAXIMUM POWER TRANSFER - Anti Torsion Box in the sole and aluminum plates in the shell ensure frame/shell connection is rigid; frame can be upgraded to 3WD 110
  • ROLLERBLADE SUPREME WHEELS - 80mm/85A wheels with ILQ-7 Plus bearings reduce wear and maximize speed
Rollerblade Twister Edge W Rollerblades Women's Technologies:
  • WHEELS: Supreme 80mm/85A (elliptical profile)
  • SHELL/UPPER: Twister Edge, molded, vented, V-cut, lateral slider, 3WD Ready
  • LINER: High Performance, first fit, V-cut, Specialized footbed, shock absorber
  • FRAME: Ext Alu 243mm/9.6", 255mm/10" (sizes 29+), racing axles
  • BRAKE: In the box
  • BUCKLE: Locking cuff buckle, 45° buckle, laces (extra laces in box)
  • BEARINGS: Twincam ILQ-7 Plus

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