Rollerblade Maxxum Edge 125 3WD 2020- Metallic Grey/Lime - Size 5 Only - Super Sale

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Maxxum Edge 125 3WD is the pinnacle of versatility for molded skates. Appealing to racers while maintaining the lateral support typically found in the urban category, the molded and vented boot creates advanced comfort. An extruded aluminum frame, micro-buckle closures, premium mesh liner with anatomical padding and 125mm Hydrogen wheels paired with Twincam ILQ-7 bearings provide professional performance and secure fit; an optional brake is included. Popular with Rollerblade's “Skate to Ski” program which educates athletes about the benefits of using inline skates during the off season, Maxxum Edge 125 3WD is a phenomenal skate.
• THE PREMIUM EVERYTHING SKATE - Ideal for urban, fitness, commute and recreation

• MOLDED SHELL - Durable, vented boot to ensure support with breathability and a V-cut cuff for versatility and forward flex

• PREMIUM LINER - Breathable mesh and anatomical padding for a high-comfort fit, and a heel shock absorber to dampen vibration

• 3WD EXTRUDED ALUMINUM FRAME - Rigid, stable 295mm/11.6” laterally-adjustable frame is engineered to support the 3x125mm wheels while increasing speed and maneuverability

• ELITE-PERFORMANCE HYDROGEN WHEELS - 125mm/85A wheels are made in USA with proprietary urethane formula for ultimate performance, less vibration and excellent wear; Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings maximize speed


Hydrogen 125mm/85A Made in USA


Maxxum Edge, molded, vented

079560007N8 | Sizes: 5-13, (23.0-31.0) | Color: METALLIC GREY/LIME


Extruded Alu (max 125mm) 295mm/11.6", racing axles


Standard, in the box


Micro adj cuff buckle, 45° buckle, laces


Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus

On-stock ready to ship. Brand new but closeout item. (all sales final - no exchange or return allowed) Discounted enough to where this is a great deal for the wheels bearings and frames alone! 

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