Rollerblade Maxxum Black/Green - Skates Boot Only - Size 11.5 Only - Sale

by: Rollerblade

Rollerblade® Urban, molded skates provide “the” ideal skating experience. A synthesis of superior lateral support, comfortably padded liners and a variety of wheel set-ups make this family of skates a powerhouse of versatility. New cuffs, new wheel compounds and our molded boot technology will ensure the needs of any skating routine can be met. Whether it is commuting, cruising or training, our skates will endure the toughest demands of any skating environment and maintain responsiveness and maneuverability without compromising performance.

Shell/Upper: Vented, molded, New cuff

Liner: Specialized 5 Star Fit, Shock absorber, V-cut
Closure: Micro-adj cuff buckle, New 45° buckle, laces

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