Rollerblade 3WD Urban 110mm Frames & Wheels Kit 2021 - Sale

by: Rollerblade

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The perfect upgrade for urban skaters. The 3WD Urban Pack includes everything that is needed to convert Metroblade, Twister Edge and RB urban skates to 3 wheel drive.

Its cutting edge components make it faster with less vibration, more maneuverability and efficiency.

Included in the kit: 255mm extruded aluminum frames with 165mm frame mounting holes, 6 Hydrogen 110mm/85a wheels, 12 Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings, (6) 8mm aluminum bearing spacers, 6 racing axles.

3WD frames are for skaters looking for a new experience with bigger wheels. Less vibration, longer wear, a smoother ride, increased maneuverability and more efficiency are what to expect when skating them.


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