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Powerslide Imperial – one of the most popular Powerslide skates – make comeback in 2019. Skate which was held in high regard by thousands of users worldwide, full of innovative ideas and features, lost none of its charm during 8 years on the market and still offers a solid offering for anyone looking for supportive, durable and sleek freeskates. Combining function and style, the Imperials are no shy of urban environment.

Skates are based around rigid hardboot made out of durable material further reinforced by addition of glass fibres in to the compound. The rigid shell provides excellent support, ensuring stability and safety even on big wheel frames with high centre of balance. No surprise that Imperial boot has become a gear of choice for many of world's best freeskaters. Speaking from our customer's experience, we can safely say that shell is best fitting for users with narrow to medium feet, offering tight, secure fit and great energy transfer. The boot itself can withstand a lot of abuse, but it's longevity is even further increased by addition of replaceable slider located in place most prone to damage during falls.

Other recognizable Imperial feature are metal plates sunken in to shell material in place of traditional mounting points. Each one of them has built-in X-slot system, which allows for smooth and precise frame position adjustments, both to the sides and front to back. This has always been one of strong points in Powerslide freeskates and we encourage you to take time and experiment with X-Slot to find optimal setting for yourself. In addition, metal plates reinforce frame and boot connection, making it more rigid and greatly improving energy transfer. Mount spacing is 165mm and boots are compatible with most of the frames which use this standard – also triskating ones.

Inside the shell you will find a new version of well-known MyFit FatBoy Dual Fit liner, this time made with special Recall padding which adjusts to your anatomy in body temperature. Naturally, the liner can be heat-moulded for better effect, just like previous versions. It is also laced in the upper part, a feature which allows securing tongue in place. The boot itself is fastened by shell lacing and two buckles – micro metric “spider” 45 degree closure as well as more traditional buckle with receiver on top of the cuff.

Imperial 110 Black Crismon comes with proven Unity frame made out of pressed aluminium. It is 255mm long and fits three Powerslide Spinner 110mm wheels of 86A hardness. Powerslide used Wicked ABEC9 bearings to make the whole setup even more dynamic. As a whole, these skates are swift, quick and reliable – an ideal tool for a skater looking for a pair of long lasting equipment for urban skating.

Even though years have passed and new models hit the market, Imperial lost none of their charm. It's still one of the best hardboot designs on the market, offering characteristics which will appeal to beginners and advanced skaters alike. Imperial 110 Black Crismon version is the latest entry in well received “Supercruiser” line of triskates and a solid choice for city skating.


Brake in set: No
Gender: Men
Category: Fitness, Freeskate/Powerblading
Lacing: Klasyczne Sznurowanie


Liner: Heatmouldable, Stretchable
Buckles: 45 Degree Rachet, Cuff Buckle
Boot Type: Hardboot, Removable Liner, Shock Absorber
Cuff Fixation: Screwed
Skate Type: Complete
Shell: Composite


Wheel Size: 110 mm
Wheel Hardness: 86a
Wheels Manufacturer: Powerslide
Wheels Model: Spinner
Wheel Profile: Round


Liner Manufacturer: Powerslide
Liner model: MyFit Fat Boy


Frame Length: 255mm
Frame Type: Triskate Frame
Frame Manufacturer: Powerslide
Frame Material: Embossed aluminium frame
Frame Model: Unity
Frame Mounting: 165 mm, X-Slot Frame Positioning System


Bearings Size: 608
Bearings Type: ABEC 9
Bearings Brand: Wicked


Axle Type: Two-piece 8mm axles

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