Onewheel Tire Sealant - Sale

by: Onewheel

Made with a custom specialized formula, the all-new Onewheel Tire Sealant is that special sauce to keep you going when stuff hits the fan. Extra sticky, ooey bluey gooey, and can prevent and repair flats in a flash. S%!* happens. When it does, be prepped and get plugged up with Onewheel Tire Sealant.
  • Specially designed and optimized for Onewheel. Tested and proven.
  • One application lasts the life of the tire.
  • Easy installation. Water-disbursable. Easy clean-out.
  • Creates a self-sealing tire.
  • Eliminates most flats and slow leaks
  • Seals up to 95% of punctures in tread area as they occur, up to 3/8”.
  • Will not dry out. Maintains air pressure extending tire life.
  • Works in temperatures from -40F to 180F
  • Compatible with C02 inflators
  • Non-flammable, non-hazardous.

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