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by: Iqon

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The IQON AG30 Skates are designed almost as a  hybrid skate between traditional urban and aggressive skates. They are based on the design of the Salomon FSK Skates but have a few modern updates to meet the demands of the modern-day urban skater. They have a very lightweight design with a special nylon mesh that is breathable and durable with glass-fiber and TPU reinforcements that protect your feet where you need them most. The liners are removable and replaceable, they are also heat moldable along with the boots' uppers so that you can customize the fit. 

Underneath they have the IQON AG Decode Pro 90 frames which offer you 3 different suggested wheel configurations. They come with a 4x90mm wheel configuration but the frames allow you to change into bigger wheels with a max of 3x110mm or use them as an aggressive skate with an H-Block and smaller wheels. They also come with IQON decode Gold bearings that have a built-in spacer for a more consistent roll.

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