GAWDS FM4 GAWDS Complete SKATES - Limited Edition - Sale

by: Gawds

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The GAWDS FM4 Franky Morales Pro Skates are Franky's fourth take on his pro skate. He always keeps his skates looking fresh and this skate is no different with a vibrant animal print and contrasting color-way. The boot is hand lasted with a hybrid composite and glass-fiber-reinforced plastic being used in the cuff and counterparts for durability. The skate is also kept lightweight with a built-in liner that feels great in microfiber lining. The cuff and 45-degree strap are both velcro straps made of leather and help support a firm wrap with standard lacing. 
The soulplate is intentionally wide so that you can glide across rails and ledges with more surface area. Inside the boots have dual-density EVA shock soles to take the heat off of landings. They also come with an anti-rocker setup on Kizer Fluid IV frames with 60mm and 45mm wheels installed.  

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