FR - SL CARBON 80 Complete Skates - Size 45 Only - Sale

by: FR

The best, FR skate that you can buy! 


      Based on our experience, FR skates have one of the best fit from the start and can accommodate wider feet after breaking in. They will be a perfect option for an average width foot and the best option for those guys with wider feet. Having said that, the FR iGoR skates do have an extended break-in period and may be quite stiff for a while.

      Please note: your shoe size is the defining factor! Almost never, the size of the inline skates will be smaller than your shoe size. If your foot is very wide, please go one size up than your shoe size. 

      If you want to use the foot length information to narrow the sizing down, the best way is to get that information from your running/sports shoes sizing label. Almost always they will have one of the following: MP/MONDO/CM – length in centimeters or MM – length in millimeters.

      • The US shoe sizes mentioned in the sizing table are US men.


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