The Landyachtz 2019 Line up has arrived!

Landyachtz makes some of the highest quality skateboards. Each year they continually improve our designs and we bring in the entire line up. To learn more about Landyachtz continue reading below. To shop all Landyachtz click here.


All of these parts depend on each other to work properly. One weak link can effect the entire setup and turn a perfect skateboard into something that doesn’t feel quite right, or even stop it from working entirely.

We realized early on that we couldn’t just make an awesome skateboard deck and then put any old trucks or wheels on it. And the same applies to making trucks or wheels. Just like making a meal, the quality of the dish depends on the ingredients you start with and how they work together.

We have spent the last two decades developing skateboards with the goal of making perfect completes. This means that you can take any one of our boards off the shelf and experience its’ maximum potential immediately, without any adjustments.


So, what goes into making a perfect complete?

It starts with trees. We use a variety of materials in our boards but the vast majority of our boards are made from Canadian Maple. Not all Canadian Maple is created equal however, trees are as individual as we are. There are trees with long, uniform fibres that make for excellent skateboard veneers. And there are knotty, old haggard trees that are only good for making haunted houses.

We hand pick the trees that make our boards, based on experience from years of manufacturing, testing, and riding our own products. We’ve developed a deep understanding of the fibre structures, sugar content, environmental conditions, and harvesting techniques that contribute to making the best possible skateboards.

On top of that, our sustainability mission ensures that we protect this valuable resource for future generations and the good of the planet. Budget brands that dominate sites like Amazon do not subject their products to the same selection criteria.

We fell in love with going fast. It wasn’t long before we started attending and organizing races. Racing is where new concepts, such as lowering a riders center of gravity, allowed us to challenge the conventions of skateboarding. Just like the automotive industry relies on racing to test new technologies in the most extreme circumstances, we used racing to inform how we engineer and develop skateboards that could stay stable at higher speeds, take tighter turns, and slide more predictably.


Deck design was one of the first things we looked at. We wanted to give riders more stability at higher speeds without sacrificing control. To achieve this we started bending wood in all kinds of wild ways in order to create platforms that delivered the ultimate control. Over the years, we’ve learned how to bend maple in ways that were previously thought to be impossible. All of our skateboard decks, from the Dinghy to the Triple Beam, are complex 3D surfaces that are contoured to give you the absolute best performance, control, comfort, and enjoyment in any situation.


Hawgs Wheels

Wheels are responsible for roll speed, comfort, and traction. Quality urethane is very hard to achieve and we have spent years dialling in the absolute best custom formulas to balance the needs of riders in various situations.

Bear Trucks

Trucks are an essential part of the package. They determine how a board turns, it’s stability, and how responsive it is to your input.


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