Introduction of the Electric Skateboard

The Electric Skateboard has to be one of the best inventions of the century. Instead of walking, biking or driving you can just hop on one of these and have all the power you'll need under your feet without braking a sweat.

Nothing beasts starting your day out with a morning ride on a electric skateboard. 
Whiz past traffic, pedestrians and bikers on your way to work, the store or just for fun. This is absolutely the best way to commute or get around town.

Electric Skateboards have been around for decades but are now more affordable and better than ever. We carry some of the best manufacturers of electric skateboards Boosted, Evolve, M1, Koowheel, One Wheel, Onyx who are leading the industry. These brands produce boards that are very reliable and a lot of fun to use. 

If your local to the Boston Area there are a few Electric Skateboard Groups that we sponsor by hosting group rides from our shop. are a few. If your interested in joining or starting your own group let us know

Modern Day Electric Skateboards:

Electric Skateboards of the past

The Motoboard an early gas powered skateboard from the late 90's 


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