Introducing: FR Skates Brand

Introducing: FR Skates Brand

FR Brand


 FR is a skaters owned brand. The philosophy of the FR brand is to create high-quality skates made by skaters for skaters. The FR skates concept was born in 2006, in Paris, France. Its creators, Sebastien Laffargue & Gregoire Pinto were seeking to create a new generation of Freeride skates with hard shells, combining high performance, comfort, versatility, and durability. Their attention to each detail, combined with a drop of French Touch, made these skates a huge success around the world. The time has come for FR to take off, to keep in line with its roots and guide you through new ways for the best skating experiences. FR products and innovations are already setting tomorrows new standards. Join the FR brand in a new era!

Sebastien Laffargue

Sebastien Laffargue began to skate when he was a child in Paris, and entered his first competition in 1996. He took part and won many of them, including the biggest ones, but became famous all over the world thanks to his online video showing a new way of doing freestyle tricks and his stylish ride. 
He performed in many different kinds of skating disciplines, which gave him the knowledge of all types of skates: freestyle and speed slalom, road and bobtrack inline downhill, skate-cross, freejump, slides, freeride and even speed skating. A new era for the inline industry began when in 2005 the first pair of his own skates came out. Gregoire Pinto, who was already Sebastien's best friend for many years, skating and competing together all over the world, joined him in 2006 and the combination of both experience, ideas and concepts gave birth to the FR concept

Today, Sebastien Laffargue, Gregoire Pinto and their team continue to develop the best innovative products to push skaters to higher levels or simply have fun on their skates!

FR Skates

Using the FR skates, you support your community. What you spend on FR products will help develop your sport with activities that you can join, disciplines that you can try, riders you can admire and that can inspire you. Our goal is to allow you to live freely your dream of skating, to be part of the skaters' community and invite you to show what you can now achieve on your FR skates.

The FR products are designed to be used, and every small detail allows you to have fun and ease to perform your tricks.

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