Boston Roller Derby 2018 Game Schedule

Boston Roller Derby 2018 SEASON SCHEDULE1/20 • 2/24 • 4/14 • 5/5 • 6/2 • 6/23 • 8/4

Doors @ 44 // Games @ 5 & 7PM
Shriners Auditorium, Wilmington, MA 
Simoni Rink, Cambridge, MA 

Roller derby is a unique sport that requires athleticism, strategy, and strength. But it’s so much more than just a really cool game on roller skates. We’re dedicated to building ourselves up, both on and off the track, and we do so by creating a culture that promotes community and that welcomes diverse identities and backgrounds. The best part about roller derby is that you don’t have to skate in order to be a part of BRD; you can volunteer at one of our games or events, or work as a Non-Skating Official with our officiating crew.

We sell skates, replacement wheels and parts for derby and quad skating here

Click here if you are interested in joining Boston Derby in any way.


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