Boosted Boston Group Ride 8/25/16

Hey Boosted Boston crew,

As promised, tomorrow will be our 5th Group Ride and an exciting one! We will be riding to Jubali Café (19 Drydock Ave, Boston, MA 02210). The group will depart as close to 7:00PM as possible, and meet at Jubali at 7:15/7:30.

In addition to the normal Boosted contingency, there will be a FULL FLEET of Loaded Boards demo completes on Orangatang Wheels, as well as an assortment of Loaded slide gloves & Pro-Tec helmets & safety gear.

Once at Drydock we'll have the whole demo fleet set up to check-in/check-out, plus a bunch of cones to set up slalom course and other fun stuff. We'll order pizza & BYOB. Eat, drink, be merry and all that :)

Please feel free to invite ANYONE who has ANY interest in test-riding a Loaded board or Boosted board - this is a very unique opportunity to demo over $7,500 worth of amazing skate gear for free! Here is the Facebook event:

If you like what you ride, Thuro will be able to hook the crew up with a special discount at the store.

I hope you're all very excited to shred tomorrow evening! Prepare to have a blast and remember to bring:

  • Helmet
  • Board Charger
  • Remote charger
And potentially also:
  • Cash for pizza / drinks
  • Camera gear
  • Power strip (I'll have at least 1)

Christie Tran
Christie Tran