A Few Ounces of Prevention - The Insoles that Protect you from Pain

You've heard it before--"The best way to fix a problem is to prevent it!" Don't wait for another excruciating foot cramp to stop you in the middle of an activity or those awful body aches to set in from being on your feet too long. Take the proper precaution so you can enjoy your favorite sport for many more hours and years to come!

Research has shown an unstable foot can lead to neck strain, back pain, lower back strain, hip joint stress, knee stress, as well as foot and ankle pain.

Superfeet insoles provide Comfort, Pain Relief and Performance. The Superfeet shape can reduce foot fatigue and help resolve common foot and lower leg injuries, like plantar fasciitis/heel pain, shin splints, patellofemoral pain syndrome, Achilles tendonitis, IT band syndrome, etc.

The Superfeet insoles work great in shoes or boots used for your favorite action sport. These are a must have to make your Ski or Snowboard Boots,  Inline/Roller/Hockey or Figure Skates more responsive and perform better while ensuring you have optimal foot support to prevent injury and unnecessary aches and pains.

Find the insole that works best for your foot and favorite activity.

Carbon Insoles: Breakthrough design combines the strength of carbon fiber with ultralight foam to create the most innovative, high performance Superfeet insole ever.

Orange Insoles: Engineered for high-impact activities, the Superfeet ORANGE features a shock-absorbing foam forefoot for people who punish their feet.

SuperFeet re-engineered their insole design to add a resilient, high-impact foam forefoot, while maintaining their unmistakable shape and legendary support. The result is an insole that can take a pounding so your feet don’t have to.

Green Insoles: Start fast and finish strong on the heavy-duty shock absorption and legendary support that make the original Superfeet GREEN their most famous insole.

The undisputed heavyweight champions, Superfeet GREEN insoles haven’t changed much since their design in 1977. Why? Because they work. The GREEN offer affordable, professional-grade orthotic support, performance and comfort for anyone who wants their footwear to fit and feel better.


Blue Insoles: Long-lasting support packed into a thinner, high-performance insole to help improve the fit of a wide range of footwear.

Superfeet BLUE were designed to improve the overall fit and performance of a wide range of footwear. The biomechanical shape and design have made the BLUE one of the most popular insoles year after year.

Yellow Insoles: An elevated heel and biomechanical shape help to stabilize your foot and improve the energy transfer between you and your skates or pedals for greater power, control and comfort.

The YELLOW shape and exact heel-to-toe profile match the angled midsole to help stabilize your foot and transfer torque and energy more efficiently. The result is a more comfortable fit with better alignment that can help you drive power through your skates, bike shoes or track spikes.


Teshia Robinson
Teshia Robinson