Remember Collective Wheels Back in Stock!

The Remember Collective Wheel series are back in stock in fun new colors and sizes!

The Hoot

The Hoot is a 70mm center set wheel with a rounded outer & beveled inner lip that is just meant for you to have incredible fun on. With an 80a durometer this wheel is perfect for just about anything. The high rebound urethane has an very glidy slide that is very fun all the way to the core, but that might take a while. Our urethane is one of the most durable out there. The Hoot as a package is just that, a HOOT!

The Lil' Hoots

As the name implies, this is the baby brother to the exceptionally popular wheel - The Remember Collective Hoot! The LIL' Hoot comes in at 65mm with a 78a durometer and a stone-ground finish for effortless slides with no break-in period. The LIL' Hoot is designed to be the perfect wheel for getting sideways, whether you ride a longboard, or a double kick deck - it's sure to be a blast! The centerset hub makes it easy to wear your wheels down nice and evenly, and the famous urethane not only gets sideways with ease, but will stay sideways longer than the competition - and leave some nice thane lines for the neighbors to admire!The urethane formula also boasts unparalleled durability for a small and shreddy freeride wheel.

The Pee Wee

The Pee Wee is a 65 mm center set wheel with a 38mm contact patch. Our high rebound formula mixed with the round lip of this wheel makes the Pee Wee a slide monster. If you want a predictable slide and freeride wheel that will wear exactly how it should, these are the wheels that will never disappoint. The Pee Wees come in two killer color combinations that look so good you'll want to eat them. (But don't eat them. That would not be good for you and we don't recommend it.)




Christie Tran
Christie Tran