Thuro Snowboarding: Monument Snowboard Decks 2016 Are Here!

Monument Snowboards are known for their awesome snowboard decks. Each board is built with strong, renewable resources that help keep their boards snappier longer, and a response that rivals no other.



Monument is also known for being environmentally conscious. This year will be their eighth season that they have taken to reduce wasteful components by using natural earth-friendly materials. Their E.S.P (Earth Science Project) materials uses clean and renewable resources such as bamboo in the core and sidewalls. They also use a strong lightweight wood (X-Wood) that is grown close to their factory which reduces the carbon footprint of their boards. 

 Lets take a look at what kind of cores they used in their boards:

The E.S.P I was developed by using one species of pure poplar wood. It has proven flex, pop, natural strength, and durability that is wanted in their boards. 

The E.S.P II is their most popular core series. It uses a mix of bamboo and poplar to reduce weight and optimize board strength. Use of the bamboo within this core significantly enhances the liveliness of the ride and also increasing the board's ability to dampen chatter without additional materials. 

The E.S.P III core uses virtually every element of Monument's core technology. A mix of X-Wood, poplar, and bamboo, with an overall percentage of X-Wood. This core was engineered to significantly reduce weight while increasing the board's strength and pop.

The E.S.P Ultra core has been re-engineered to be lighter than ever before and contains Monument's Torsion Control Core. This core contains 92% X-Wood. Horizontal laminates are placed under the bindings area making it soft torsionally but torsionally tight under your feet. 


Every board made by Monument is made to last while being environmentally friendly. Since the winter season is coming on by fast, come by Thuro shop and check out Monument's 2016 series!  

Christie Tran
Christie Tran