Feat Socks Now Available at Thuro Shop!

We are excited to announce to carry Feat Socks at our store! Feat Socks started here in Massachusetts. They are built on the spirit of adventure. Their goal is simple, it's to brighten up everyone's day one pair of socks at a time. These socks bring nothing but happiness, excitement and fun everywhere you go! Feat socks are perfect for the office, beaches, mountains, and all around shredding.

They come in all different cool types of prints and colors!

Freaky Tiki:

The Maverick:

The Hawaii:

The Bam Bam:

Not only these socks are awesome looking, they also feel awesome! 

Let's get into the specs.

Polyester Blend: 

  • A unique polyester blend allows the socks to absorb patters without letting go. This proprietary blend that they created maximizes color and eliminates fade. Wash them however you like, they'll still look great.

Non-Slip Ankle Band: 

  • Allows you to wear your socks high without any worry of them falling down. The spandex in this band contours perfectly to the leg, never too loose or too tight.

Ribbed Elastic Instep: 

  • Provides a great, close fit and increased breathability through strategically placed stretch panels. 

Extra Cushioned Heel: 

  • For all day comfort, extra tall to protect against blisters.

Let The Toes Breathe:

  • The breathable cushioned toe box provides comfort and keeps your toes happy. You'll feel capable of any FEAT in these, even at the end of a grueling day.

Check out their Instagram and come by Thuro Shop and find your perfect pair! 

Feat Socks

Christie Tran
Christie Tran