Thuro Rollerblading: New 2015 Valo Bailey and Sizemore Pro Models

David Sizemore's well-deserved pro skate from Valo is here. In the ten months he's been on the team, David has continually pushed the limits of the sport, and put out more quality content than many pros do in twice that time. Congratulations to David on his first pro boot.

Valo DS.1 : David Sizemore V13 Pro Boot Only
Valo DS.1 : David Sizemore V13 Pro Complete Skates

As if that weren't enough, Erik Bailey's EB.Denim pro skate is seeing its first release since 2011. This is one of the sickest looking skates Valo has ever put out, so we're stoked to see a re-release - but it's a limited run, so get at them while you can.

Valo EB.Denim 2015 Boot Only

Valo EB.Denim 2015 Complete



Henry OConnor
Henry OConnor