Thuro Rollerblading: 2015 Powerslide Line In Stock

Powerslide's 2015 skate line is in stock at Thuro Shop, and there's something there for everybody. Whether you skate freestyle, roller derby, offroad, or for fitness, we've got you covered.

First off is the Hardcore EVO 2.0, Powerslide's flagship freestyle skate. Its carbon and fiberglass means it is extremely light, and the extra heel lift affords you even more control.

Powerslide Hardcore EVO 2.0


Next is the Phuzion Lambda. Designed for distance, they come stock with 100mm wheels for effortless speed and the ability to glide over any terrain. The frame is designed to minimize the distance between your foot and the ground, giving the Lambda a lower center of gravity and greater control.

Powerslide Phuzion Lambda Mens

In addition, we have the new Powerslide Metropolis SUV, featuring 3 125mm tires for skating offroad. Sand, gravel, even tree roots are no longer an obstacle. These skates can take you anywhere and everywhere.

Powerslide Metropolis SUV

Check out these and our other Powerslide products online or come try them on in the shop.

Henry OConnor
Henry OConnor