Thuro Rollerblading: Seba 2015 Inline Skates and Accessories

We just received a huge shipment of Seba's new 2015 line of urban and fitness skates. The classic FR1 freeride/slalom skate is available in grey, blue, orange, and white, as well as the FR2 and FRX entry-level models. We also have several brand new models in directly from France, and we're the only shop in the US to carry them. The High Light, High Light Carbon, Marathon, and FR Junior are currently exclusive to Thuro Shop.

Seba High Light Carbon 

In addition we have the complete line of Street Invader wheels in all sizes and colors, as well as the innovative new Seba Storm bearings, which are rustproof and dust- and water-resistant, but still feature removable shields for easy maintenance. Also new in stock are the Seba Sparkling wheels, which have embedded pieces of flint that spark as you roll. To round out the selection we have every available color of slalom cones, in standard and soft-tipped dual density style.

Street Invader Wheels

Finally, we have Seba backpacks and trolleys with compartments for your skates and equipment to make traveling a breeze.

Seba Trolley (Small)

Henry OConnor
Henry OConnor