Thuro Snowboarding: Snowboard Boots - Laced Vs. Boa

When it comes to snowboard boots, two main types are available. There's the tried and true traditional lace up boots, which use extra long shoe laces to hold the rider's foot in place. Then there's the boa, which uses a dial system to quickly loosen and tighten boots. The boa is flashy and undeniably convenient, which makes them an easy sell for any shop, especially to beginners.

But the question is, which style of boot is truly superior?

To put it simply, it's a matter of personal preference. Each boot has its advantages. Lace up boots hold the foot in place better. The laces are more flexible than the boa system, and will accommodate the shape of the riders foot, ankle, and leg. The pressure of lace up boots can also be varied to the riders preference in different areas. The boa system is rigid, leaving some areas unsupported, especially above the ankle. Double boa boots, which use two dials instead of one, remedy this problem to an extent, but they still don't have the same feel as a lace up.

Lace up boots, however, are difficult and time consuming to get on an off, especially if you have to do it with bulky gloves. Boa boots loosen and tighten with the twist of a knob, which can be a lifesaver if its freezing outside. 

Our opinion here at Thuro is that the style of boots you use should depend on your riding experience. If you're a beginner, boa boots are totally fine. They'll save you precious time and you likely won't notice any lack of support. But, if you're a more advance rider, especially if you're spending time in a park or the streets, lace up is absolutely the way to go. With lace ups you'll have more solid board control and be less affected by harsh impact.

In short:

Lace Up = More comfort and better performance

Boa = More convenient

Paul Remy
Paul Remy