Outdoor Tech Rugged Speakers and Headphones

We just got our first shipment of audio goods from Outdoor Tech, an L.A. based company that blends a modern lifestyle in the mobile technology age with the drive to be outdoors. Their products are creative and stylish but don't sacrifice performance or durability. They're built for adventure as much as practicality. 

One of our favorites are the Privates Wireless Headphones- on-ear headphones with both wired and wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Plus they've got a touch-pad interface that lets you control your music with a swipe of your finger. 

If you're in the market for a wireless-water resistant- dustproof- Bluetooth capable- personal speaker, then the Buckshot is for you. It's compact, super portable, and fully wireless to give you the freedom and sound quality you need out of a compact portable speaker.


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