Thuro Inline: Seba Sizing Guide: Seba Skate Sizing

Seba uses European (EU) sizing which is unisex. Not all Seba skates use the same size chart and converting the sizes to US sizes could result inaccuracies in fit.

Fit Expectations: 

All brand new skates have a "Break-In" period. This is when the memory foam liner molds to your feet over a set period of time. New skates may feel stiff and tight out of the box even when you have the correct size. For beginners or people new to Seba skates we recommend a few mm bigger for comfortable skating. Its better to have a little too much space than too little.

What kind of fit should you be looking for when trying on skates?:

When you are trying on the skates for the first time, make sure that your heel is positioned deep in the heel pocket of the skate. While sitting down, put the skate on and kick the heel back into the skate. Stand with your skates laced and your heel snug in the heel cup. Your toes should just barely touch the end of the toe box. Then bend forward into a skating stance. Your toes should pull back slightly from the toe box. Cramped toes are bad, but so are loose sloppy ones. Sizing is a preference, but it is a fact that a snug fit allows better response and power transfer from your skates.


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