Zealous Ceramic Built-in Bearings

by: Zealous

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Zealous Bearings are one of the most popular bearings in the industry. With built-in speed rings, and spacers at a precise .4045" these bearings eliminate all slop in your wheels for smooth rolling and predictable slides. They're lubed with nanoceramic grease that finds all of the small dings in the ball bearings, fills them in, and corrects the bearings for a frictionless roll. This equates to a fast, smooth, and long lasting, self-fixing bearing. Equipped with ceramic balls, these are lighter, stronger, and faster than your standard steel bearings. With durability and speed in mind, the Zealous Ceramic Built In Bearings are one of the damn finest out there.

  • Precision 8mm axle holes
  • 0.4045″ built in spacers
  • 0.5mm built in speedrings
  • Green rubber seals to keep dirt and debris on the outside of the bearing
  • Lubed with Archoil Nanoceramic Grease
  • Extremely low water washout
  • Corrosion on the inside of the bearing is nearly eliminated

The Zealous Ceramic bearings are built for hardcore fast longboarding. They come with a Custom Nanoceramic Grease which fills in deformations within the bearings which helps eliminate friction over time. The bearings have a low water washout which ensures virtually zero corrosion build-up inside the bearing.
The grease in the ceramic bearings have a lower viscosity than the classic bearings which yields speed from first use.

The use of ceramic balls make the bearings a lot more tough and resistant to corrosion.

The Zealous ceramic bearings have built in spacers and speedrings and come with a removable rubber shield for easy maintenance.

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