Wizard Frames PR76 WIZARD 76mm FRAME 2023

by: Wizard

PR frames are designed for a more artistic skating style and skill development on smooth surfaces.


Progressive Rocker Geometry
5x76mm Max wheel size
77mm Effective contact
308mm Frame base
UFS mounting
Made in Canada
Includes 10 steel frame axles
Includes 4 UFS mounting bolts + washers

Recommended frame length based on boot size:

Progressive Rocker frames are available in two different sizes, to help optimize the skater's experience based on their foot size.....

Boot size 22-27.5cm (36-42 shell) - PR76 Frame
Boot size 28-32cm (43-47 shell) - PR80 Frame

Please note, due to the nature of machining aluminium, and the raw silver finish, some frames may have minor scratches or cosmetic imperfections.

Wizard frames are designed specifically for our Wizard boots to offer the lowest ride height, and optimal control of larger wheels and longer frames.

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