Wizard Frames NR90 WIZARD 90mm FRAME 2022

by: Wizard

The newest edition Wizard Frame set. 

Natural Rocker (NR) frames use four larger wheels on a three-position rocker, to allow preservation of speed (better glide) and enhanced shock absorption (smoother roll) compared to smaller wheels.

Designed for UFS boots:
Wizard frames are designed specifically for UFS-style boots (flat base), offering the lowest ride height to optimize stability and control.

Raw Silver edition - Our first Canadian production...

After seven years of working with our manufacturer in the USA, we decided to bring our production home to Canada. 

Having the "Made in Canada" label is very meaningful to us, as it celebrates the contribution that Canadian skaters have brought to skating culture.

Producing the frames locally gives us more control over the quality, production timelines, and most importantly, better ability to continue innovating and designing your future skating experience.

As a throwback to our original frame aesthetic and build, this limited run of Raw Silver frames is made out of a solid block of aluminum, with a custom engraving listing the production date, quantity produced, and the frame model.


Natural Rocker Geometry
4x90mm max wheel size
91mm Effective contact
273mm Frame base
UFS Mounting
Made in Canada

The NR90 is the shortest and lightest Wizard frame, providing more maneuverability but less coasting ability compared to the other NR models.

The ideal frame for those seeking an easy and nimble all-around skating experience. Recommended for skaters with smaller feet, skaters with less experience using larger wheels, or for beginners.

The Natural Rocker frames is available in three different sizes (NR90/NR100/NR110) to best fit your skating style or boot size....

Wizard frames are designed specifically for UFS-style boots (flat base) to offer the lowest ride height, and optimal control of larger wheels and longer frames.

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