Wizard Frames NR110 WIZARD 110mm FRAME 2023

by: Wizard

The NR110 frame is recommended for strong skaters with a larger foot size looking for a fast and fun cruising experience. The 110mm wheel size provides great shock absorption and coasting ability, making them ideal for long distance commuting.


Natural Rocker Geometry
4x110mm Max wheel size
111mm Effective contact
333mm Frame base
UFS Mounting
Made in Canada
Includes 8 steel frame axles
Includes 4 UFS mounting bolts + washers


The Natural Rocker frame is available in three different sizes (NR90/NR100/NR110) to best fit your skating style or boot size....

Recommended frame length based on boot size:

Boot size 22-26cm (36-40 shell) - NR90 Frames
Boot size 26.5-30cm (41-45 shell) - NR100 Frames
Boot size 30.5-32cm (46-47 shell) - NR110 Frames*

* NR110 Frames are not recommended for beginners

Wizard frames are designed specifically for our Wizard boots to offer the lowest ride height, and optimal control of larger wheels and longer frames.

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