Wend Everything-You-Need Travel Kit

by: Wend

Whether you're the storm chaser, the weekend warrior, or looking for the perfect wax kit gift, we've got your back.  Our WEND Everything You Need Kit has literally everything you need.  We have created a package deal consisting of each of our favorite travel products to make your shopping experience as easy as possible!

Each WEND Everything-You-Need Travel Kit comes with:

- 1 WEND Iron and Travel Case

- 1 120 gram Base Prep Hot Melt Wax Bar

- 1 120 gram Universal Temp Hot Melt Wax Bar

- 1 5mm Scraper (Plexi Glass)

- 1 WEND Tin Rub-On Universal Temp Performance Speed Paste

- 1 MF Natural Cleaner Conditioner 2oz. Sample Bottle

- 1 Microfiber Towel

- 2 MF Natural Liquid Juice Universal Temp Towelettes

- 2 MF Natural Cleaner/Conditioner Towelettes

Start by prepping your base with the MF Natural Cleaner/Conditioner- spray generously on your base, rub in with the towel, brush base (with something like a Scotch Brite pad or an actual base brush) to loosen contaminants, let sit for 10-20 minutes, then wipe clean. After wiping, brush your base again until it shines. Then prepare your base for the temperature specific wax by doing a coat of our Base Prep Wax. Hot melt on,scrape the board of excess base coat. Then melt on the universal temp wax and scrape off the excess. Once on hill, you can carry your Speed Paste with you for that extra burst of speed, or during a lunch break use the Liquid Juice Towelettes to give your base a quick once over and basically fresh coat of wax. Enjoy the ride.

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