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Undercover wheels made in Europe! One of the most respected wheel manufacturer moves its production lines to Italy to avoid all the problems with supply chains and huge logistics costs.

Designed and tested by Undercover pro team, the EU made wheels are created with brand-new PU combination, that assures all your favourite features. Fast rolling and long-lasting wheel with unmatched grip. Undercover  58 mm 90a Made in Italy, come in white urethane for easy match with any skate, have the most universal 90a hardness and classic 58 mm diameter for wheel-bite free flat setups.

Distinctive, flat profile of 58 mm model assures the proper stability on landings, while still providing the decent speed boost. In addition, Undercover wheels made in EU are equipped with new core, that allows for the use of lighter, floating spacers. Recommended for smooth skatepark surfaces as well as for street skating.

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