Sonic Gripz Tool

by: Sonic

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6 tools on 3 tips

Adjusts inline skates

Compact and ergonomic design

Heat treated high alloy steel is strong and resists corrosion

Patented 2-shoulder bearing pusher removes both bearings from wheel:

-First should pushes out bearing and spacer

-Second shoulder pushes out second bearing

About Sonic:
In 1994, Cliff Chi founded Sonic and began designing products for skaters. He laced up his first pair of ice skates at the age of 4 and traded them for inlines a few years later. Cliff's passion for skating and design engineering studies at the U.S. Air Force Academy were the foundation for building Sonic. His experiences as an Air Force engineer inspired the use of premium materials and exceptional design found in Sonic products.

Since introducing its first product, Sonic has established itself as a premier inline brand with many patent, media, and industry awards. When you choose Sonic, you buy from a company that is independent and skater-owned; you invest in products that deliver unsurpassed performance; and you trust a company that is dedicated to skaters and committed to making skating better.

  • 4mm hex
  • Bearing Pusher
  • 2nd Bearing Pusher
  • Floating spacer aligner
  • Phillips #2
  • Flat Head

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