Sonic Ceramic Bearings 16-pack of Ceramic Bearings

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Sonic Ceramic Bearings use ceramic (Si3N4) balls, which are rounder and smoother than steel. This allows for less friction and more speed! Ceramic balls are also harder than steel and up to 60% lighter, lasting up to 10 times longer without corrosion. Deep groove races are made from premium Japanese SUJ2 chrome steel. Nylon ball retainer makes them light and quiet, while a labyrinth seal works to keep out dirt and debris to prolong bearing life. Fully serviceable (remove non-contact rubber seals) and pre-lubricated with Sonic Super Gel.

Ceramic (Si3N4) balls are smoother and rounder than steel balls – less friction and more speed

Ceramic balls are harder than steel balls, last up to 10X longer and won’t corrode – deep groove races made with premium Japanese SUJ2 chrome steel

Ceramic balls are 60% lighter than steel balls and nylon ball retainer is lighter, quieter & faster than a metal cage

Labyrinth seal defends against dirt & debris to extend bearing life

Pre-lubricated with Sonic Super Gel – remove non-contact rubber seals for easy cleaning

16 bearings/pack  

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