Shred Lights esk8 Headlight | Water Resistant - Single Light Pack

by: ShredLights

Best lights for any skateboard or longboard, ShredLights. The brightest and only lights for your board that point forward and light your path while skating at night. Also important for visibility and safety. Great gift for yourself or someone else!

Battle Tested. Fully water-resistant.

- Fully Removable 
- IP54 Water Resistance Rating  
- USB Rechargeable 
- Durable Rubber Casing  
- CREE Led 
- Wide Angle Lens

ShredLights are the cutting edge of skateboard illumination. Truly one of a kind, they are the only removable headlights on the market. What does that mean for you? More shredding and less time tinkering with technology.

We designed ShredLights to be easy to install on a skateboard. This means less time playing with tools and more time shredding the city.

The Best Mounting System

The ShredLights bracket is the most advanced mounting system ever put on skateboards. It was designed by skateboarders to be lightweight and discrete. The rubber enclosure of the light allows for easy attachment, but remains rigid enough to take a beating.

What's in the Box

- 1 Single Headlight  

Board Type Headlights Bracket Selection

1st Gen + 2nd Gen

Standard Bracket


Standard Bracket 
w/ Spacer Kit
Standard + Spacer Kit
Hub Drive Motor
Standard Bracket
Belt Drive Motor
Standard Bracket


There is a new Shredlights Side Mount Bracket with integrated tail or nose guard that you can purchase here if you are interested in an alternative mounting or just need more space. 

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