Shark Wheel 60mm Skateboard Wheels (California Rolls) - Clear with Red Hub

by: Shark Wheels

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Shark Wheel 60mm - 78a California Roll Formula Skateboard Wheels are excellent for cruising and carving. California Rolls fit smaller decks & Cruisers such as Sector 9, Landyachtz, Loaded Boards, Arbor Skateboards, Penny Skateboards, Carver Skateboards, Dusters, Santa Cruz Boards, Globe Skateboards and Bustin Boards. Fast, soft and superior grip and the best wheel in the world over rough terrain like pebbles, debris, sand, water, etc. with over 900 verified purchase 5-star reviews. All California Roll wheel purchases come in sets of 4 wheels total and fit all standard cruiser skateboards. Made in California, USA
Made in United States

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