Seba or FR Spider Buckle Set

by: Seba

  • The Spider Buckle Set for Carbon Cuffs are replacement ankle cuff buckles Seba or FR boots that are outfitted with carbon cuffs. When used for Seba or FR carbon cuffs, these can be mounted in lieu of of any buckle that comes standard or as part of the color kits, and will easily replace any other Seba Spider Buckle and Strap without additional parts or mounting steps. If replacing non-Spider buckles, extra steps and parts may be needed.

    • Ankle Cuff Strap - not designed for use in mid-strap/45-degree closure systems
    • Priced Per Pair
    • Parts Included:
      • 2x Buckle Straps - 19cm Length
      • 2x Micro-Ratchet (Spider) Locking Buckles
      • 4x Mini-Screw Bolts
      • 4x Mini T-Nuts
      • 4x Washers 
    • Compatibility: Designed to be used specifically with Seba or FR Carbon Cuffs
      • Will work with Igor Pro skates (any color)
      • Can be attached to any skate outfitted with the Seba Carbon Cuff or similar cuff
        • NOTE: Use of any cuffs other then stock cuffs may require additional parts

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