Seba Cuff Button Set for FR Skates & Boots

by: Seba

The Seba Multi Position FR Cuff Bolt Set replaces the cuff bolts for many Seba FR models, excluding the FRX, FRW and FR3 (see Seba Standard Cuff Bolt).  It is however, needed to install a Seba Color Kit on those same models.  

  • Price is for a 4-Pack - Enough for a Pair of Skates
  • Parts Included:
    • 4x Multi-Position Cuff Buttons
    • 4x Each for Attachment: Screws, Spacers and Washers
  • Compatibility:
    • FR1, FR1 Deluxe, FR2, High, and High Light Skates & Boots
    • Required to Install Seba FR Custom Color Kit on a FRX, FRW and FR3.
    • NOT compatible with stock FRX, FRW and FR3 cuffs

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