Rollerblade Twister 110 Skates x Endless 90 Custom Skates 2023

by: Rollerblade

Our most popular Twister Boot paired with the most popular Endless Frames. Rollerblade Hydrogen 90mm Wheels and Twincam ILQ9 Plus Bearings with spacers included. 

An all-new fit improves on the Twister that is widely popular among urban skaters everywhere. The shell is lighter, the liners are enhanced, and sizing is easier with footboard sizers that adjust from a half to full size to get the best performing fit.

The Twister 110 is an excellent combination of premium fit, optimal support and advanced maneuverability. The Skate Liner Plus with Performance Skate Insole Plus improves the skate stance and skatebility with upgraded cushioning, improved wrapping, more breathability and shock-absorbing padding in the heel. The V-cut liner provides more range of motion while the Comfort Flex Tongue facilitates support and flex with cushioned wings and reinforced median bar. Locking cuff buckle, 45 degree micro-buckle and extended lacing into the liner along with Anti-Torsion Box technology which uses aluminum frame mounting plate. 

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