Rollerblade TRS Blank Skate Axles 8mm 8pk - BLANK AXLE

by: Rollerblade

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The Rollerblade Triangle Head Skate Axles 8mm for TRS/Blank are the replacement axle for Rollerblade's aggressive skates. Since most TRS skate models use these, and there is only one "style" of these axles produced, it will be easy to identify. These are also the axles used on Rollerblade Blank frames, so if you are using those on any boot and need replacement axles, these are the ones for you. These are two-piece axles.

  • Compatible with the following current model Rollerblade TRS Complete Skates: Swindler, New Jack 5, Rob G Pro 3.
    • Works for all Blank Frames
  • (8) Complete 2-Piece Axles
    • 8x Male Screws
    • 8x Female Bolts

Blank brand axles for Blank frames. Includes a set of 8 axles

Part #09211400001

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